Pristine Australian Sourced Nutrition for
women looking to heal, repair & regenerate.

We source the highest quality Australian ingredients.

We got tired of seeing the cheap tricks and ingredients being sold to women we coached and cared about.

So we set about creating something better for you.  Meet the finest collagen money can buy.

It will help you heal, repair and regenerate your skin, hair, nails, connective tissue, gut and muscle, along with reducing inflammation. 

We've created a better Way Up.

We know there's a big problem with nutrition and the message being delivered to women.  Eat more salads, live on greens, nuts and seeds, cut all sugar and even fruit. 

The result? Binge eating, horrible cravings, yo-yo dieting, and an awful relationship with food. 

We've created something special, that is lifting the fog of restrictive dieting and embracing the belief that every women can rebuild her metabolism, function, body and lifestyle: at any age. 


A Desire to Make a Difference

Steve and Rebecca created The Way Up on account of their own battle with dieting, binge eating, digestive problems, auto-immune disease and poor relationship with food.  

Steve has spent 20 years studying the human body and nutrition, since beginning study at The University of Queensland in 2001.

He fixed his own chronic health conditions, and worked in prestigious clinics in London and Switzerland fixing the health and bodies of other women before creating The Way Up.